Who are the volunteers?

You are! You, along with members of this Coalition and their supporters, and the employees of the municipalities involved.

Why do we need so many people?

Because this effort requires consistency -- people coming out in the evenings (a few times a week in the early fall, and sometimes more frequently in the early months of winter) from just before to just after sunset. We use pyrotechnics, shine spotlights, and track the crows' behavior and locations. If we have a lot of people helping out, no small group is forced to go out over and over. The work is easier if we have a lot of people sharing the effort. We will train all volunteers to use the tools involved - so all you need to bring with you is a cell phone, a warm jacket, and a positive attitude.

How do you volunteer?

Send your contact information by email, or call our HOTLINE: 717-327-8797

Why would you want to help?

Because it's good for the community, for the environment, and you'll get a chance to work with your neighbors and wildlife experts in an important effort to preserve the quality of life we enjoy here in Lancaster County and to save migratory birds -- who play an essential role in our ecosystem and deserve our care and respect.